The council is determined to communicate effectively and actively engage with the Pickering community. To do so, the local press attends and reports on council meetings which are held on the third Monday of each month in the Memorial Hall. Additional information is provided about council activities and responsibilities in each quarterly issue of the community newsletter, on the council’s notice boards (in the Memorial Hall, in the Market Place (vicinity Boulton and Cooper, Estate Agent) outside Eastgate car park and at the southern end of Potter Hill), through the Annual Report, this website and the council’s facebook page.

The council allocates time at each of its meetings where members of the public may address it on local issues. At the discretion of the chairman the meeting may be adjourned to members of the public to address the council when an agenda item in which they have views and information is being discussed.

Councillors also attend the Town Meeting. This meeting has, by law, to be held annually on some day between 1 March and 1 June. In Pickering the meeting is usually held in May and seven clear days’ notice of the date of the meeting is publicised on the council notice boards and on the website; however, in 2018 year it will take place on 24 April at 7.30pm. The venue is the Memorial Hall. Only local government electors for the town have the right to take part.

Visitors to this website are invited to share with the council their ideas on ensuring that Pickering remains a viable and vital place to live and work and are welcome to participate in the discussion forum.

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  Annual Report 2017-18
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  Quarterly Newsletter, Summer, 2017
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  Annual Report 2016-2017
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  Quarterly newsletter, Spring 2017
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  Quarterly newsletter, Autumn 2016
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  Summer newsletter, 2016
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  Community Engagement Strategy
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  Spring Newsletter - March 2016
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  Winter newsletter, January 2016
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  Autumn Newsletter 2015
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