Exclusively Pickering

Shop locally like real Pickering people – it makes sense

Ideas to enhance your visit to Pickering.

Did you know that studies have shown that for every £10 spent in
a local independent shop, £25 is generated for the local economy,
compared to only £14 locally when spent in national supermarkets?
Hence your hard earned money when spent locally, as well as being
part of a pleasant “shopping experience” and good value, also helps
our local economy, thus enabling this town to remain a vibrant and
attractive place to visit.
Pickering has a long and proud history as a market town with a wide
and interesting selection of small independent retailers who provide
a varied selection of goods and services to enhance your experience
of the town and surrounding area.
This simple guide is part of our campaign to enhance enjoyment of
your time in Pickering, whether as a welcome visitor or local resident.
So with this booklet we hope you have a pleasant time around our
shops, restaurants and cafés in Pickering. Enjoy your visit and please
do come back soon!

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